Finding out your home has dry rot is no picnic. But it is important to take care of as soon as you find out that it is affecting your home. The longer you wait the worse it will get, and it will become even more expensive to repair.

What is dry rot? Living in the Great Northwest we are unfortunately familiar with the term ‘dry rot’, as we live in a somewhat damp state. Dry rot is a fungus that destroys wood. Dry rot feeds off of moisture (which here in Oregon, we happen to have a lot of). Dry rot finds its way through moisture, which can come from leaky pipes, poor ventilation, and damaged gutters.

Any type of structural damage is also very unsafe for a home. Damage can come from insects, mold, mildew, and foundation cracks. Houses build on uneven ground can settle after years, causing walls to crack, and sometimes even the foundation. These types of repairs need to be addressed quickly to avoid further damage, and expensive costs.

Blue Star Construction Services is dedicated to making your home as safe as possible, as quickly as possible. Dry rot can damage the foundation and frame of your home making your home unsafe. Don’t wait to repair dry rot areas. Please call us today to get a free estimate, and we can make sure your home is as safe as possible!